“Words in the heart cannot be taken.”

Feet of Clay, by Terry Pratchett

Protect your book from plagiarism

Similar Works is a web application built to protect authors from having their work exploited and their stories taken from them.

Upload your book to Similar Works and we’ll scan the text against other titles and keep monitoring — and alert you when we find any matches.

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Are you an author, publisher, or concerned reader?

Copycats want to profit off honest authors’ hard work — by stealing it. They lift sentences and paragraphs, change the character names or grammar, and publish under a new title on sites like Amazon, taking sales revenue they haven’t earned.

Popular books get plagiarized like this every day. We want to put a stop to it, and with your help, we can.

Have you found a book that you think contains copied text?

Similar Works accepts any book that hasn’t already been added to our system. Just submit it here, and we’ll check it against all our titles. If we find any text matches, we’ll contact the authors with our findings.

As more books are added, we’ll keep checking, so you’ll help to protect authors in the future as well.

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We want to make plagiarism difficult, and protecting your work easy.

Submit your book to Similar Works. Our algorithm scans every book to check for text similarities, and we will keep monitoring as more and more books are added. If we find a text match from your book, you get an alert. We can send you all the information you need to take further action and protect your copyright.

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