Please read the following before using the submission form to submit a book to the archive. The book will be validated before it is added.

Please make sure to check the archive in case the book has already been submitted. Similar Works will only accept one canonical copy of a text, so there is no need to upload multiple editions! If we receive a duplicate, we will refuse the submission.

What happens to the book?

Similar Works analyzes each book and creates a kind of digital DNA sequence that is used for running checks through the master algorithm. The book file itself is then stored as a backup in case any further analysis is required.

Does it cost anything?

No. Similar Works accepts all books for free.

Do you accept unpublished works?

No. The archive will only accept published works. If your work has not yet been published, we ask that you wait to submit it until it is.

Note: If you want to check an unpublished work against the archive, please contact us directly at

Can I submit any book?

We prefer that authors/rightsholders submit their own books, but we will accept any book that is not already in the archive.

What will happen if I submit my own books?

Similar Works will keep your email address on file. If we detect a possible instance of copied material, we will contact you.

What happens if I submit a book that isn’t mine?

We will only notify you as to whether it’s been added or rejected. If we find an instance of copied material, only the rightsholder can take further action.

What file formats do you accept?

At the moment, we accept .ePub files without DRM, or plain .txt files.

Any file sent to us with DRM will be refused.

Can I submit books in another format, or more than one at a time?

Please email us at if you’d like to do this, as it requires special processing.

Are you pirating my books?

Absolutely not. The Similar Works archive was created for the express purpose of helping authors protect their work. The books stored in the archive are used for research purposes to allow us to identify instances of possible copying. They are not accessible to the public, and our storage mechanism means they’re not even readable by the Similar Works administrators.

What happens if you find an instance of copied material?

We will contact the rightsholder, either through the email address on the book submission or through their public information, and disclose our preliminary findings privately. We will not discuss our findings unless the rightsholder themselves decides to make them public.

My book is in the archive, but I think its information is not correct. What can I do?

We care deeply about the accuracy of the archive! Please email us at with your concerns.