Similar Works checks to see if your text matches text in other books.

Even if the words have been moved around, edited, reorganized, etc. Similar Works is great at discovering where someone may have copied your words. If we find a match, we alert the author so they can take action to protect their copyright.

Check our FAQ below and if you still have questions, reach out to at info@similar.works.

Please make sure to search the archive in case the book has already been submitted. Similar Works will only accept one canonical copy of a text, so there is no need to upload multiple editions! If we receive a duplicate, we will refuse the submission.

Does it cost anything to upload a book?

How is the service supported?

What happens to the book after I submit it to Similar Works?

Is Similar Works a publisher?

What if I create a new edition of my book? Do I upload the new file?

Can I submit unpublished works to the archive?

Can anyone submit a book?

What will happen if I submit my own books?

What happens if I submit a book that isn’t mine?

What file formats do you accept?

Can I submit books in another format, or more than one at a time?

Are you pirating my books?

What happens if you find an instance of copied material in another book?

My book is in the archive, but I think its information is not correct. What can I do?

I’ve already registered my work with the US Copyright Office. Why would I upload my book to Similar Works?

So what exactly is the technology behind Similar Works?