How It Works

The Similar Works system analyzes ebook files and identifies matching text.

  1. Books are submitted by authors and publishers who wish to protect their copyright, or concerned readers who believe they have found a work containing plagiarized material.
  2. Similar Works reviews all books manually before accepting them into the archive.
  3. Once a book is accepted, the system checks that book against all other titles already added.
  4. If we find text matches that look suspicious, we contact the author or publisher and provide information so that they can take further action to protect their copyright.
  5. We continue to check every time a new book is added to the archive.
  6. Our Book List shows titles that have already been added, as well as a summary of similarities that have been detected called the Similarity Band.

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How does Similar Works check every eBook?

Our system uses an advanced algorithm designed to find text matches even if character names, punctuation, or even a few random words have been changed. The algorithm scans the Similar Works archive as more books are added, and can check thousands of books in the time it takes for a human to read a single page.

It’s smart — and it works.

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